You and the Natural World

The fourth edition of the You and the Natural World series incorporates insights from science educators, creating a more relevant and effective tool that would cater to the needs of today’s learners. This enhanced series hopes to mold students into critical thinkers and innovators through engagement and meaningful activities. The new edition encourages students to explore their environment, become aware of substantial problems in their society, relay information and advancements in science and technology, cultivate their creativity, and practice collaboration and effective communication. Lead a more exciting exploration of various science phenomena with The New You and the Natural World.


Grade 1: Mirla Lourdes N. Cantalejo, Elma E. Castro, Lourdes B. Butial, and Joam C. Villavert
Grade 2: Mirla Lourdes N. Cantalejo, Elma E. Castro, Josephine M. Gutierrez, and Joam C. Villavert
Grade 3: Purificacion N. Marcelino, Milagros C. Tadeo, and Joam C. Villavert
Grade 4: Genevieve D. Faraon
Grade 5: Melecio C. Deauna, PhD, Genevieve D. Faraon, and Emma Zablan
Grade 6: Maria Teresa M. Ballon, Mirla Lourdes N. Cantalejo, Charmaine Ramos, Joam C. Villavert, and Emma S. Zablan


Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6



This enriched series

  • gives greater emphasis on the relation between the learners and the world around them;

  • uses vocabulary more suited to the different grade levels to facilitate easier learning of science concepts

  • and skills;

  • contains STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) that encourage learners to use their analytical skills and nurture their scientific interest, providing opportunity for real-world connections and contexts;

  • caters to diverse learners through differentiated learning activities;

  • provides more concise explanations of scientific theories, resulting in a smaller volume of reading materials and giving learners more time for hands-on activities; and

  • develops scientific attitudes on creativity, accuracy, resourcefulness, patience, honesty, and open mindedness.

Dr. Ernesto Y. Sibal was one of the few Filipinos in academic publishing who can irrefutably lay claim to these three titles—Patriot, Pioneer and Innovator. A staunch patriot, Dr. Sibal fiercely advocated the vision of designating Filipino-authored books for young Filipino learners. This vision was enabled by the establishment of Alemar’s Bookstore in 1958, and through the foresight and drive of Alegria Rodriguez, who shared in the vision of her husband, she helped galvanize then fledgling Alemar's Bookstore as the place to go for textbooks and school needs, propelling it to become the first established bookstore chain in the country.



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