Understanding Life through Science

This series aims to deepen the connection between science concepts and real-life situations, and to prepare the pupils to be informed and participative in making judgments and decisions that have social, health, or environmental impact.


Nursery: Cherilyn Cabangunay-Manuel and Jay Michael O. Diola
Kindergarten 1: Wilma Lyn Nunez Roldan
Kindergarten 2: Janette Biares-Torrato, PhD
Grade 1: Genevieve Arizala-Pillar, PhD
Grade 2: Darius E. Regis, Rosalyn Caisip-Chavez, Ginaline Pañe-David, and Ruby Pasimanero-Ramos
Grade 3:Rosalyn Caisip-Chavez, Ginaline Pañe-David, and Ruby Pasimanero-Ramos, and Carolina Reyes-Tamayo
Grade 4: Winona Yapit-Diola
Grade 5
: Joel B. Jalon Jr., Ma. Cheryl Villapando-Casimiro, Winona Yapit-Diola, Michelle Miramonte-Carranza, and Carolina Reyes-Tamayo
Grade 6
: Joel B. Jalon Jr., Joyce Rabina-Calica, Winona Yapit-Diola, Michelle Miramonte-Carranza, and Carolina Reyes-Tamayo
: Genevieve Arizala-Pillar, PhD


Nursery; Kindergarten 1 and 2; Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6


Nursery: 2023

Kindergarten 1: 2023

Kindergarten 2: 2023

Grade 1: 2022

Grade 2: 2022

Grade 3: 2022

Grade 4: 2022

Grade 5: 2022

Grade 6: 2022

The series has the following unique features: 

The Young Scientist’s Quick Guide reinforces pupils’ progress in concepts, science processes, applications, attitudes, resourcefulness, and authentic performances.



Essential Question widens their understanding about the world.


Gazing Words provides basic science definitions that are appropriate to the pupils’ level.


Brainy Challenge presents questions that activate the pupil’s curiosity of the lesson.


Let’s Explore are investigatory activities that allow pupils experience the concept being discussed.


Home Bound provides hands-on activities that can be performed at home.


Bloom Challenge are authentic assessments in different categories based on Blooms taxonomy.


Science Trivia and Scientist at a Glimpse provide interesting science information.


Take a Badge allows the pupils to log their learning challenges through a concept map.


Curve Up allows pupils to connect science concepts to different learning areas.


Knack Challenge evaluates learnings through LOTS and HOTS questions.


Performance Task presents authentic tasks in GRASPS format.


BLRP — Blended Learning Resources Portal is an online repository of available learning resources designed to help teachers manage their class using different teaching modalities. The portal houses learning modules, printable activity sheets, pictures, graphic organizers, assessments, electronic presentations, animations and videos, and other learning progression tools such as curriculum maps and learning progression. charts.

The textbook for Grades 1–6 is accompanied with the Teachers Wraparound Edition (TWE) that aids the teachers with teaching strategies, additional print and online resources, answer keys, and test items that ensure the holistic development of the pupils’ knowledge.

Dr. Ernesto Y. Sibal was one of the few Filipinos in academic publishing who can irrefutably lay claim to these three titles—Patriot, Pioneer and Innovator. A staunch patriot, Dr. Sibal fiercely advocated the vision of designating Filipino-authored books for young Filipino learners. This vision was enabled by the establishment of Alemar’s Bookstore in 1958, and through the foresight and drive of Alegria Rodriguez, who shared in the vision of her husband, she helped galvanize then fledgling Alemar's Bookstore as the place to go for textbooks and school needs, propelling it to become the first established bookstore chain in the country.



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