Soaring 21st Century Mathematics (Grade School)

The Soaring 21st Century Mathematics series is based on the K to 12 Curriculum learning competencies. It uses the concrete-pictorial-abstract format to introduce new concepts and utilizes an integrative approach that consolidates and links mathematical concepts.


Grade 1: Ellen T. Ongduenco, Milagros A. Endo, and Benson S. Tan; Contributing Author: Jedd Amerson S. Chua; Coordinator: Roberto J. Degolacion, Lino C. Reynoso, and Benson S. Tan
Grade 2: Roberto J. Degolacion, Myrna S. Agtarap, and Alma Luz F. Pasiliao; Contributing Author: Joseph S. Wee and Jedd Amerson S. Chua; Coordinator: Luningning T. Tibi, Lucy M. Puno, and Lino C. Reynoso, Ph.D
Grade 3: Winsdy Joy S. Marcos, Nila R. Jaramillo, Josefina H. Tan, and Eduardo; Contributing Author: Eduardo O. dela Cruz Jr, Ed.D., and Jedd Amerson S. Chua; Coordinator: Roberto J. Degolacion and Isidro C. Aguilar, Ph.D.
Grade 4: Eduardo O. dela Cruz Jr, Ed.D., Concesa R. Rapacon, Jonathan C. Glorial, and Roberto J. Degolacion; Contributing Author: Ma. Ester G. Tan and Benson S. Tan; Coordinator: Roberto J. Degolacion and Lino C. Reynoso, PhD
Grade 5: Manuel T. Kotah, Evelyn G. Samper-Enriquez, and Sanet S. Hipolito; Contributing Author: Edgardo C. Domingo and Leila V. Bernaldez; Coordinator: Isidro C. Aguilar, Ph.D. and Luningning T. Tibi; Consultant: Simon L. Chua, D.T
Grade 6: Elmer M. Apistar, Jose L. Caberte, Ph.D., Genesis G. Camarista, Esther Jane Y. Uy, Marlene Ortiz, and Elenita T. Boo; contributing Author: , Edgardo C. Domingo, Jonathan Glorial, and Alfredo A. Barocca; Coordinator: Roberto J. Degolacion, Eugenio Vertucio-Guerva, and Lucy O. Sia; Consultant: Lino C. Reynoso; Project Director: Simon L. Chua, D.T, Roberto J. Degolacion, and Lino C. Reynoso, Ph.D


Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

Worktext Copyright

The New Grade 1: 2017

The New Grade 2: 2017

The New Grade 3: 2017

Grade 4: 2015

Grade 5: 2016

Grade 6: 2016


The Worktext provides a detailed explanation for each lesson in a straightforward and interesting approach through relevant life situations. Creative and critical thinking as well as self-discovery of problem-solving strategies are developed through worked examples in each lesson and followed through with the following

  • Let’s Work Together – Enable pupils  to work collaboratively as they learn and explore two or more mathematical concepts at the same time
  • On Your Own – Develops pupils’ independence in solving and exploring math problems through drills and exercises; includes games and puzzles to ensure that pupils gain speed, accuracy, and mastery of mathematical skills
  • Take the Challenge – Deepens pupils’ mathematical concepts and challenges their reasoning and higher-order-thinking skills; provides pupils the opportunity not only to review the fundamental mathematical concepts and techniques but also to put into use the skills learned
  • Moving Towards International Math Contest – Provides an opportunity for pupils to apply their mathematical knowledge in solving math problems designed by internationally renowned mathematicians

The Learning Guide with Answer Key includes additional exercises, motivational activities, and strategies in making mathematics a good learning experience and the answer key for all the exercises in the textbook.

Dr. Ernesto Y. Sibal was one of the few Filipinos in academic publishing who can irrefutably lay claim to these three titles—Patriot, Pioneer and Innovator. A staunch patriot, Dr. Sibal fiercely advocated the vision of designating Filipino-authored books for young Filipino learners. This vision was enabled by the establishment of Alemar’s Bookstore in 1958, and through the foresight and drive of Alegria Rodriguez, who shared in the vision of her husband, she helped galvanize then fledgling Alemar's Bookstore as the place to go for textbooks and school needs, propelling it to become the first established bookstore chain in the country.



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