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Patriot. Pioneer. Innovator.

Dr. Ernesto Y. Sibal

A staunch patriot, Dr. Sibal advocated for putting Filipino-authored books in the hands of young Filipino learners. This was in 1958, when his fledgling ALEMAR’S was gaining popularity as one of the country’s first bookstore chains. His advocacy was galvanized by his visionary wife, Alegria Rodriguez, and literally put to paper by a staff of five. He was the first to publish quality instructional materials for and by Filipinos, earning him an indelible place in the pages of Philippine education forever and the moniker, “Father of Filipino-authored textbooks.”

Dr. Sibal’s unwavering commitment and valiant crusade for Filipino-crafted books decisively bore fruit with the issuance of the Department of Education Order No. 43 s. 1972, which states, “with a view of accomplishing an integrated, nationalistic, and democracy-inspired education system in the Philippines, all schools, colleges, and universities should use, if available, only textbooks authored by Filipinos and published locally in preference to those written by foreigners and printed abroad.”

Through the decades, a succession of Dr. Sibal’s sons and daughters helmed Phoenix Publishing House, Inc. and brought it to new heights of leadership, helping create new products and transforming existing ones. The stringent demands of a burgeoning market gave rise to Sibs Publishing House, Inc. in the ‘90s. Underneath it all remained the true mission of the sister publishing houses—to improve the quality of Philippine education and the quality of life of teachers.

Our company culture reflects the core values that we have stood on since our foundation— God-centered, service-oriented, and committed to excellence. These pillars guide us in how we develop our transformative content for our K to 12 instructional materials and even college books. Many of our textbooks have achieved bestseller status, a testimony of our customers’ continued patronage. Our bestsellers are more than books; they are part of our legacy in helping educational institutions shape the minds of the young before they embark into new environments such as college and career.
Phoenix Publishing is your partner in each challenge you face. We bring our expertise and energy to collaborate with you every step of the way—from innovative teaching through the best educational materials to effective learning through the continuous professional development of school faculty and staff.

Educating a nation takes time so we push farther into the emerging trends in education to help our clients and customers stay competitive and future-ready. Showcasing six decades of inspired solutions in teaching and learning, our range of products has expanded to include textbooks with ICT-integrated activities and Quick Response (QR) codes for additional resources for teachers and students; teachers’ manuals called Teachers Wraparound Edition; interactive eBooks; and a technology-assisted teaching and learning ecosystem called ARALinks®. We at Phoenix Publishing are proud of the Company’s contributions to Philippine education, but we’re just getting started at 60!


For years, we have been approved and endorsed by the Department of Education (DepEd) as provider of textbooks, references, and other supplementary instructional resources to private and public schools alike. As we continue to blaze new trails in the educational publishing industry, we look back to how our triumph in our commitment stemmed from our humble yet revolutionary roots:  Learning”

“Your Partner in Innovative Teaching and Effective


  • We are patriots in promoting Filipino values and traits.
  • We are pioneers in developing, publishing, and providing Filipino-crafted learning and teaching materials for innovative and transformative education.
  • We aim to continue our tradition of publishing excellence to guide the future generations of teachers and students in achieving their goals for a transformed society.

“Your Partner in Innovative Teaching and Effective


We, the Phoenix Group of Companies, are the philippines most trusted education solutions partner, providing superior innovative products, programs and services to help schools transform students and society. With God's grace and inspired with Alagang Mahalaga as our way of life, we commit to deliver Filipino-Crafted resources and services for innovative teaching and effective learning toward global competitiveness in the digital age.

I gained the direction and the courage to influence my colleagues.

Gina T. Plata Academic Coordinator, Lady Mediatrix Institute, Quezon

It empowers the faculty. I realized that if you empower them, when you give them skills and competencies, they become more confident. and commitment follows when they are more equipped.

Rev. Fr. Elmer G. Dizon Superintendent, archdiocesan Schools of Pampanga, Director, St. Catherine Academy

NSP ( Nurturing Support Program ) empowers us to become more competitive and be abreast of the best professional practices that help us create an environment for professional growth. NSP entices us to labor in order to produce citizens who are productive, competitive, but God-fearing and God-loving individuals.

Sr. Ma. Marcela A. Dela Cruz, AR Directress, Lady Mediatrix Institute, Quezon

With a strong faculty development program, our teachers became more effective in terms of designing instructional plans, of choosing appropriate and meaningful learnin activities in their classes, of using formative assessment system in their teaching-learning processes as a quality-assurance mechanism, of establishing clear procedures and routines, and ultimately of building a shared responsibility of student learning.

Narcy F. Ador Dionisio Principal, Dominican High School, Nueva Ecija

Before, doon sa traditional way, we used to have teacher-centeredness, but...maraming naitulong sa amin yung NSP-talagang ang nabibigyan ng priority ay yung mga estudyante. They will be able to learn a lot of things through activities... Talagang yung mga teachers nagiging facilitators lang.

Peter Wilson Reyroso Christian Living Coordinator, Lady Mediatrix Institute, Quezon

With the Nurturing Support Program, I became more aware of my primary role as a school principal-instructional leadership. I was closely assisted in managing the curriculum, in supervising instruction, in monitoring student progress, and in promoting a positive learning climate.

Narcy F. Ador Dionisio Principal, Dominican High School, Nueva Ecija

With the Nurturing Support Program (NSP), we were able to build a professional community, which really helped us emphasize the importance of shared goals and efforts. Our teachers are empowered and encouraged as they fulfill their duties and responsibilities as educators.

Sr. Ma. Marcela A. Dela Cruz, AR Directress, Lady Mediatrix Institute, Quezon

Both ELDA and NSP realigned my priorities- from focsing on the externals to make higher the students achievement. It helped me realize that my job... that the teacher's real really the students.

Rev. Fr. Elmer G. Dizon Superintendent, archdiocesan Schools of Pampanga, Director, St. Catherine Academy

ELDA has developed in me a lot of skills as an educational leader, a curriculum planner, a transformed individual.

Rey V. Delos Reyes Principal, Aklan Catholic, Kalibo Aklan

Series never gets tired of updating herself. She is a voracious reader and makes it a point to update herself with the latest trends in education. <b


Mercy N. De Guia High School Faculty, Ateneo de Manila University

Series really makes time to do a lot of research because that's one thing not many of us can do. His biggest dream is to form an organization for all CLE teachersin the Philippines.

Danilo T. Yabut English Subject Area Coordinator, Elizabeth Seton School, Parañaque City

Series books are definitely contributions to the development of education in the Philippines.

Sr. Josephini Ambatali, SFIC Dean, College of Art and Science, St. Joseph College

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Dr. Ernesto Y. Sibal was one of the few Filipinos in academic publishing who can irrefutably lay claim to these three titles—Patriot, Pioneer and Innovator. A staunch patriot, Dr. Sibal fiercely advocated the vision of designating Filipino-authored books for young Filipino learners. This vision was enabled by the establishment of Alemar’s Bookstore in 1958, and through the foresight and drive of Alegria Rodriguez, who shared in the vision of her husband, she helped galvanize then fledgling Alemar's Bookstore as the place to go for textbooks and school needs, propelling it to become the first established bookstore chain in the country.



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