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Building Engineer


The incumbent is responsible for

  • Preparing, verifying, and modifying engineering plans, drawings, specifications, calculations, charts and graphs.
  • Assuring compliance with National Building Codes, Electrical codes and other Engineering Practices.
  • Performing technical and safety evaluations, adaptation of engineering techniques, standard procedures and requirements.


  • Monitors all electrical/engineering work to ensure compliance with state laws and regulations.
  • Provides technical assistance and resolution when electrical or engineering problems are encountered before, during, and after construction; analyzes and interprets test information to resolve design-related problems. Review existing electrical engineering criteria to identify necessary revisions, deletions or amendments to outdated material.
  • Plans, develops, assembles, maintains, modifies, operates, evaluates, and documents the more complex electrical and electronic systems, prototypes, and specifications according to engineering data and knowledge of electrical principles. This includes the following:
    • Draws or modifies diagrams and writes engineering specifications to clarify design details and functional criteria of experimental electronics units.
    • Conducts regular inspections for quality control and assurance programs, reporting findings and giving recommendations.
  • Evaluates engineering proposals. These include the following tasks:
    • Write commissioning procedures for electrical installations.
    • Prepare project cost and work-time estimates.
    • Evaluate shop drawings and design comments for sound electrical engineering practice and conformance with established safety and design criteria, and recommend approval or disapproval.
  • Prepare contracts and initiate, review and coordinate modifications to contract specifications and plans throughout the construction process.
  • Perform managerial duties such as:
    • Delegating work assignments.
    • Monitoring work of support personnel in the assistance of supervisors/managers.
    • Assigning the order of priority of special projects.
  • Checks weekly maintenance monitoring report that includes accomplished, pending, and ongoing projects.


  • Graduate of a four-year course related to Engineering, preferably Electrical or Civil.
  • Licensed Civil/Electrical Engineer.
  • With at least 3-5 years of experience in the same field.
  • Supervisorial experience for at least 2 years
  • Thoroughly knowledgeable in electrical design, engineering techniques, drafting and occupational safety standards.


  • Safety Officer
  • BOSH Training
  • Client-handling
  • Decisive and dedicated.

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