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Phoenix Language Package Skill Builders for English Proficiency

The Phoenix Language Package: Skill Builders for English Proficiency (PLP: SEP) offers a development program designed to help high school students gain competence in English. Through mastery approach, the series aims to equip the learners with relevant real-life skills not only to meet the demands of the times but also to acquire enduring understanding, which leads to lifelong learning.

Grade 7: Dr. Araceli M. Villamin, Evelyn S. Salazar, and Zenen R. Alumbro
Grade 8:Josephine M. Luna and Marites S. Sena
Grade 9: Carleen S. Sedilla, Evelyn S. Salazar, and Ma. Evalou Concepcion A. Agustin
Grade 10: Josephine M. Luna, Dr. Elineth Elizabeth L. Suarez, and Evelyn S. Salazar
Grades 7 to 10 Coordinators: Dr. Araceli M. Villamin and Evelyn S. Salazar

Level/s: 7, 8, 9, and 10

The worktexts can be used in two different ways:

  • As part of the lessons in the Communication Arts Program
  • As the main text in an intensive course for mastering the English language

The Worktext contains lessons, exercises, and activities that develop language skills through listening, speaking, grammar, and writing. It is organized into four units, each unit with several lessons labeled SBL (Skill Builders
in Language). Each SBL has three main components:

  • Entering the Chatroom focuses on listening and speaking.
  • Highlighting Grammar focuses on grammar usage and structure.
  • Using the Notepad focuses on writing skills and the mechanics and process in writing including spelling and vocabulary.

The exercises in each component follow the mastery approach to skill development —Starter, Reinforcer, and Challenger.

The Learning Guide, which is a sample for the teachers on how to guide their students, will help the students realize that the communication skills they learn and master are not just for the present but are for lifelong learning. Thus, goals are set so that lessons learned and skills mastered today are useful in the future.

The Syllabus presents a course map that allows teachers and coordinators to see the scope and sequence of each level “at a glance.” It also includes the values that are embedded in the lessons.

The PLP: SEP soundtrack is a creative add-on. We call it the Listen and Learn Channel, which is a CD for the tapescripts used in listening activities in each level.

Worktext Copyright:

Grade 7: 2013

Grade 8: 2013

Grade 9: 2014

Grade 10: 2014

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