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English This Way

Traditional grammar delivered in modern strategies!

English This Way is a language program for English teachers and pupils who are more comfortable teaching and learning English using the traditional grammar approach. It puts heavy stress on the speaking and writing aspects of the English language while at the same time gives adequate treatment of the other areas of communication.

Nursery: Maria Alicia S. Bustos-Orosa and Erlinda S. Avelino
Kindergarten 1: Maria Alicia S. Bustos-Orosa and Chona H. Barraquias
Kindergarten 2: Maria Alicia S. Bustos-Orosa and Cecilia B. Corsino
Grade 1: Erlinda S. Avelino
Grade 2: Arlita T. Perez
Grade 3: Chona H. Barraquias
Grade 4: Wilma P. Gonzales; Reviser: Jennifer A. Jarlego
Grade 5: Leonila S. Navea; Reviser: Imelda C. Masilungan
Grade 6: Elisa M. Robles; Reviser: Carla Fermin-Vacunador

Level/s: Nursery; Kindergarten 1 and 2; Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

English This Way ensures mastery of the English language through:

  • Providing a comprehensive study of the structure, usage, and grammar of the English language
  • Giving ample discussions of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and sentences
  • Involving pupils in discovering for themselves grammar rules and patterns through numerous examples culled from real-life situations
  • Articulating the skills to be acquired in each lesson
  • Facilitating ensuing evaluation
  • Integrating values and skills in the different subject areas as opposed to piecemeal and fragmented instruction, for language skills are integral to other subject areas
  • Utilizing different fun strategies, such as comic strips, dramatizations, puzzles, and drawing exercises

Worktext Copyright:

Nursery: 1997

Kindergarten 1: 1997

Kindergarten 2: 1995

Grade 1: 2017

Grade 2: 2017

Grade 3: 2017

Grade 4: 2018

Grade 5: 2018

Grade 6: 2018

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