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21st Century Mathematics

The 21st Century Mathematics series challenges learners’ math competencies and interest to the fullest with mastery‑oriented lessons on the four fundamental operations, on problem solving, and on computers.

Jessica P. Valenzuela, Loly T. Ong, Winsdy Joy S. Marcos, Annabelle L. Clave, Rosalie B. Concepcion, Luis Prudencio G. Salamat, Ma. Jenny Tan, Rechilda P. Villame, Simon L. Chua, D.T., Aida Yao Gue, Misael Jose S. Fisico, Roma G. Perez, Evangeline T. Ilagan, Lino C. Reynoso, John Lou Y. Deferia, Vilma S. Lacandazo, and Nila R. Jaramillo

Contributing Authors:
Maximilian K. Torrecampo, Mary G. Cu, Raquel A. Mendoza, Simon L. Chua, D.T., Rechilda P. Villame, Misael Jose S. Fisico, Roma G. Perez, Raymund L. Dimaranan, Bonifacio T. Perido, Edmond C. Reyes, and Helen L. Franco

Associate Coordinators:
Loly T. Ong and Rechilda P. Villame Coordinator: Simon L. Chua, D.T.

Simon L. Chua, D.T.

Level/s: Preschools A, B, and C; Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

The 21st Century Mathematics series includes more advanced math concepts with emphasis on problem solving. Innovative and up-to-date, it lays the foundation that develops skilled mathematicians as it:

  • emphasizes mastery of basic operations;
  • offers introductory concepts and activities in computer education and exercises on the wise use of calculators; and
  • highlights a section titled Think and Try, which enhances pupils’ logical-and-critical-thinking skills through
    challenging but amusing activities and problems.

The Worktext showcases the following features:

  • Focus on skills development: Offers goal-oriented lessons and exercises that intensively develop and reinforce mastery of a particular skill
  • Repetitive practice for efficient learning and understanding: Provides immediate and rigorous practice with preliminary and continuous drills, enabling you to render maximum supervision and check pupils’ errors before they begin to work independently
  • Emphasis on problem solving: Enables pupils to apply basic math concepts in solving problems and to extend the use of these concepts in a variety of situations

The Teachers Guide supplies reinforcement and enrichment activities and specifies the length of time needed to complete a particular lesson. Further discussion of some math concepts plus other interesting activities are also provided to help you teach the lessons more effectively.

Worktext Copyright:

Preschool A: 1995

Preschool B: 1996

Preschool C: 1997

Grade 1: 1995

Grade 2: 1995

Grade 3: 1995

Grade 4: 1995

Grade 5: 1995

Grade 6: 1995

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