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Math in Today’s World: Business Mathematics

Learning math has never been this easy! This book aims to link the gap between the mathematics courses offered in Junior High School and the higher level mathematics courses in the tertiary level that must focus on business applications required for the Accountancy, Business, and Management track.

Ronaldo A. Manalo, Mercurio T. Elenzano, PhD, and Maria Jenny Tan, PhD (Author-Coordinator)

Level/s: Senior High

Each lesson follows the LEAP format Lesson objective/s – based on learning competencies:
  • Linking – real-life situation problem as springboard for discussion of the lesson
  • Exploring – discussion part where concepts are explained in manner that is developmentally appropriate
  • Applying – set of exercises; half of which is answered and explained in the textbook, the other half through QR
  • Performing – part of the lesson that involves exercises that can be used for individual, paired, and grouped activities
  • T he book comes with a solution set and a learning guide.
Note: Updated computations of withholding tax on compensation based on the TRAIN law of 2018 are included to make the book more relevant to current standards.



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