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Exploring Life Through Science (Levels I – IV)

Exploring Life Through Science series repackages the teaching of science into real-life scenarios. Each book is tailored to make learning fun and easy for Filipino students.

Integrated Science: Josefina Ma. Ferriols-Pavico and Genevieve Darvin-Faraon
Biology: John Donnie A. Ramos and Anna Cherylle Morales-Ramos
Chemistry: Aristea V. Bayquen
Physics: Angelina A. Silverio
Series Coordinator: Gloria de Castro-Bernas, PhD

Level/s: High School

In tune with the times… In touch with reality…

  • Aims to bring the world into the classroom through technology-based activities
  • Creates the hub for lifelong learning
  • Provides the connectivity at the interface of the different branches of natural science
  • Attempts to facilitate the processing of the information overload that besets our students today

Features of the Series

  • A Closer Look focuses on the scientific basis of real-life scenarios
  • Concepts in a Box visualizes scientific concepts through graphical presentations
  • Take Home Task challenges students to develop investigative and research skills
  • Science Bit supplements learning through information of human interest
  • Everyday Science relates the topic to everyday life
  • e-Science expands classroom learning through curriculum-based Internet resources
  • Test Yourself tests students’ comprehension and analytical skills and assesses their progress
  • Filipino Scientist in Focus inspires students to do better in science
  • Pillar of Science features major contributors in the different fields of science

The Textbook introduces the basic concepts and principles of life, earth, and physical sciences. Concepts are presented in concise and friendly format that motivates students to read and think critically as they build science content knowledge. It also places the study of science in a meaningful, interdisciplinary context in which students can see the role that science plays in everyday life.

The Laboratory Manual activities add dimension as students see science come to life through hands-on experiments while practicing science methodology. Students perform experiments and investigations so they learn science by doing science.

The Teachers Guide provides suggested teaching strategies and practical teaching tips with emphasis on ways to motivate students. Each teachers guide includes: activities for groups and individuals that reteach, reinforce, and enrich; background information; answers to assessment questions; chapter test databank; and media integration.

The Investigatory Project guides students in coming up with a well-planned scientific output by the end of the school year. It provides opportunities for students to become young scientists as they explore their environment while applying concepts in science.

The Teachers Resource CD is a compilation of teaching resources.

Textbook Copyright:

Integrated Science: 2012

Biology: 2012

Chemistry: 2012

Physics: 2012

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