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Transformative Values Education Series

The Transformative Values Education Series is a part of an attempt of the CEAP Superintendents’ Commission to bring about a culture of transformation in the Philippine society through a revitalized values education program, focusing on the following critical issues: Environment Education, Gender Sensitivity Education, Political Education, and Justice and Peace Education.

Grade 7: Sister Lourdes M. Dulay, ICM
Grade 8: Fr. Romeo B. Gonzales, MS
Grade 9: Sr. Carmeli Ma. V. Catan, OSA
Grade 10: Ma. Belen B. De Jesus, Ph.D.

Level/s: 7, 8, 9, and 10

Attempts to bring forward and facilitates the nurturance of the transformative education core values to the level of the classrooms!

  • The contents of the worktexts are organized along four major themes (having their origin partly from the DepEd Values Education Continuum and from the CEAP Superintendents’ Commission Transformative Education project in 2002).
  • The discussions in the series include: Man/Woman Gender Sensitivity; Man/Woman and their Environment; Man/Woman as Citizens; and Man/Woman, Builders of Justice and Peace.

The New Grade 7— I Am a Child of the Universe is intended to help the students understand themselves, that they are born with talents and wisdom which should give them confidence to handle whatever obstacles that may come their way. The students will be guided to discover their nature, their family roots, gender orientation, their uniqueness, and fundamental rights and duties.

The New Grade 8— My Family: A Gift of God is for the student to establish his/her personal identity in relation to his/her family, community, the nation, nature, and the entire cosmos. This is important in order to sustain the first year lessons on life-giving, life-sustaining, and life-promoting culture.

The New Grade 9— Transformative Citizenry for Nation Building intends to instill in the minds and hearts of our students transformative values education. This effort of transformation is anchored on the vision to realize our political education advocacy, develop self-determination and self-reliance, establish family and societal solidarity, produce socially responsible citizenry, protect democratic rights, and promote national sovereignty.

The New Grade 10— Creating Harmony in the Universe seeks to sensitize the senior students—the young adults to the need to respond to the call for justice and peace; gender sensitivity concern, environmental care, and citizenship duties in their daily life. Having been immersed in these issues in their first, second, and third year lessons, the fourth year students will now advocate for a better quality of life lived in justice, be steeped in environmental ownership, concern for the common good, and uphold equality and being. Henceforth, the students will be one in creating and promoting harmony in the universe.

The Teachers Guides, Learning Guides, and Syllabi contained in this series are especially designed to facilitate their delivery of transformative values education services. Each teachers guide attempts to explain to the teacher how she/he might handle the lesson or lessons contained in the corresponding worktext of the particular year level.

Worktext Copyright:

Grade 7: 2013

Grade 8: 2013

Grade 9: 2014

Grade 10: 2015

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